Keeping track of all we need to do each day can be tricky. We may find ourselves remembering the trivial and forgetting the important. Keeping a check-off To Do List each day can help you prioritize and remember all you need to accomplish day to day.

You may print a copy of a To Do List to use each day, or purchase one of the available "To Do" tablets from a stationery or bookstore. Or simply get accustomed to using a small notebook. Carry your list with you and update as you go through the day, or keep it in a prominent place you will see frequently.

  • Beginning the evening before, list the things you wish to accomplish the next day. Include household tasks, personal tasks, and school tasks.
  • Add to the list as you go through the day if needed.
  • Prioritize in some way (*, **, *** or A, B, C), and try to tackle high-priority items first.
  • Check off each item as it is finished.
  • Carry over those that aren't completed to the next day. After three days, if a task is still not finished, re-evaluate its importance. You may wish to assign a different priority, do it right then, or eliminate it from the list.