Tutorial Services, located in ED 215, offers two 50 minutes of free tutoring per week per subject for the fall and spring semester; three 50 minutes of free tutoring per week per subject for the summer and winter sessions. We offer tutoring by appointment, drop-in and online.

By appointment, please review Tutoring By Appointment.
For drop-in, please call (626) 914-8570 or visit ED 215 for drop-in schedule.
Online tutoring is available for biology, English and math. Please contact (626) 914-8570 for the login. 

Our tutors must have earned a "B" or better in the subjects they tutor, along with an instructor's recommendation. This is followed by an interview and a presentation of your liking. After hiring a regimented training program, tutorial observation with a seasoned tutor, training and information regarding working with students with disabilities and diverse cultural backgrounds, and periodic reviews by tutorial staff. The atmosphere of Tutorial Services is one that promotes independent learning and that tutoring is for everyone in order to maximize their learning potential.

Online Tutoring Math and English is also available · Click here to find out more!

Tutoring for English and ESL classes are available through the Writing Café. To make a writing consultation appointment, go to WCOnline Appointment Center.