Aesthetics Video Source [commercial site] - Lists videos, books, and audio tapes on various subjects.

Allergan's Botox Home Page [commercial site] - FAQs about use of Botox in wrinkle removal.

American Electrology Association [commercial site] - Home page contains information on the association and articles on topics of interest.

Beauty and Health - Good list of beauty sites.

Beauticontrol [commercial site] - Beauticontrol is subsidiary of Tupperware Corporation, based in Dallas. This site helps women discover through their personalized beauty program and revolutionary skincare and cosmetic products.

Behind the Chair [commercial site]

Bioelements [commercial site] - Information about Bioelements products.

California Cosmetology Sterilization Guidelines -'s site on requirements for sterilizing electrolysis instruments.

California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology - Information site on licensing, safety, and other requirements for the State of California

Cosmetics ยท Perfumes ( [commercial site] - Discount name brand skin care, makeup and perfume products.

Dr. Philippe Abimelec's Home Page [commercial site] - Laser surgery and its uses.

Dermablend Home Page [commercial site] - An advertisement for corrective cosmetics.

Esters - You can search any chemical. It provides specialized search service for chemical names, jobs and market research.

FDA Cosmetics - Official regulations, procedures, handbooks, and "Fact Sheets."

Health - Dangerous Household Garbage - Pioneer Thinking [commercial site] - Provides information about hazardous waste in household garbage.

Hidden hazards in body care products Sodium lauryl sulfate, a known toxin, lurks in most shampoos. [commercial site] - Presents the advantages of using Ginesis organic personal products.

Champion Expanding Encyclopedia of Mortuary Practices [commercial site] - Formaldehyde embalming sprays have many disadvantages as a disinfectant.

Household Products Database (National Library of Medicine) - Look up toxic effects of commonly used products including personal care products.

Infant Massage and the Products: Answers to Questions [commercial site] - Answers questions regarding Infant Massage and products to use.

Isopropyl Alcohol - A complete analysis of isopropyl alcohol and its properties, uses, risks, ability to poison, and treatment.

Joe Blasco Makeup Schools [commercial site] - Information about makeup artistry, schools and cosmetic products.

Maly's: Dedicated to the Salon Professional [commercial site] - A website for the salon professional with a button for business coaching.

Motion Picture Make-Up [commercial site] - A course in all aspects of movie make-up, offering personal guidance from a 50 year veteran of the industry.

MouthShut: Review on Basic Skin Care for Children by Meleahk1 [commercial site] - Consumer reviews by a Christian woman on a wide range of topics: e.g. ways to take care of children's skin.

Natural Solutions - Holistic Beauty & Health [commercial site] - Natural and organic body, skin and cosmetic needs

Parabens: What are They?  Informational page from the FDA  on the dangers of the preservatives, parabens.

Paula Begoun's Cosmetic Dictionary [commercial site] - It is a cosmetic dictionary. This will help you become more knowledgeable about the products you put on your skin.

Paula Begoun's Product Reviews: [commercial site] - You can search any product reviews by category and brand name, and find it's rating.

Permanent cosmetics [commercial site] - Beginning and advanced classes in "permanent cosmetics" - everything from lash enhancement to scar removal.

Phthalates Information Center - This site tells what phthalates are and how they are incorporated in various cosmetics and personal care products.

Phthalates Information Center Panel Reaffirms Phthalates in Ecological Living - This panel reaffirms phthalates in cosmetics are "safe for use".


Professional Skin Care [commercial site] - Promotion for a school that offers courses in all aspects of personal make-up.

The Public's Right to Know the Facts About Chemicals - Extensive information about rosacea, treatments, and patient support.

Safer Sunning in Seven Steps - A brochure from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Skin Blends [commercial site] - Site to purchase skin care products which can be individually blended to match skin tones.

Skin Energizer [commercial site] - This website provides skin care products for stretch marks, wrinkles, sagging skin, spider veins and skin firming.

Smart Skin Care [commercial site] - Provides information about skin care and rejuvenation (anti-aging)

Sweet Poison - The information provided at this web site, to let the reader know the health issues to the use of fragrance products

State Board Quiz - Log in to to take mock written examinations in preparation for state tests

Tanning products - URI World [commercial site] - Tanning products distributor.

Vinyl Institute Member Companies and Other Resources - Information about vinyl, its uses, recycling, and links to institute member companies.

What's New: Dermatologic Surgery News Archive - A-Z (Acne to Veins) list of links to information on various skin related topics by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Where to find MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) on the Internet - If you need to find out the toxicity of chemicals, use one of the many sites listed to look it up.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (Canada) - This site gives valuable answers and information about workplace safety and insurance. Their incentive programs help you prevent injuries and minimize losses caused by work related injury and illness.