Primary Sources Search -- A search engine from Google. 

Life Magazine Photo Archive Google Search -- Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. *GREAT IMAGES*

Americans at War, 4v, 2005 -- This subject encyclopedia places major American conflicts - from the Colonial Wars through the War on Terrorism--in the context of cultural and social events on the home front.

American Decades -- Provides coverage of each decade of the twentieth century in a cross-disciplinary manner, emphasizing important events and people of the time.

Educator's Reference Desk -- This directory provides links to many useful online websites. Click on "Subjects", then on "Social Studies", then on "History."

Encyclopedia Britannica -- Provides access to the complete text of the encyclopedia, as well as the K-12 level.

Chronicling America: Historical American Newspapers -- This site contains scanned newspapers from 1880-1922 from selected states (including California). It also contains a directory of American newspapers from 1690 to the present.

EBSCOhost -- Search here for articles in both popular magazines and scholarly journals.

History Reference Center -- Full-text articles from reference books and non-fiction books. Also full-text for 135 history periodicals and thousands of historical documents. (Photos, images, maps, also)

NYPL Digital Gallery -- Provides free and open access to over 700,000 images digitized from the The New York Public Library's vast collections.  Great for finding historical photographs or images. *GREAT IMAGES*

Online County and Town Histories-- Links to histories in all 50 states.  Great historical primary documents.

People's Chronology, 3rd ed., 2005 -- Presents a year-by-year record, highlighting not only political events and wars, but also events in literature, humanities, science, etc.

SIRS/Social Issues Resource Series -- Full-text articles on social issues from over 1500 newspapers, magazines, journals and government documents. Also provides pro/con treatment of controversial issues.

Shorpy.com -- A vintage photography blog featuring thousands of high-definition images from the 1850s to 1950s.  *GREAT IMAGES*

State Digital Libraries -- State resources. Each state has digital links to their archives, cultural institutions, museums, libraries, etc.

Witchcraft in America, 2001 -- This book covers the history of witchcraft from colonial days to modern times.


AmDocs: Documents from American History -- Thousands of primary sources from 800 all the way up to 2008

American Art : Smithsonian -- Great visual displays of American art, with details.

American Colonists' Library - Links to primary sources in chronological order. Some advertising. Privately supported.

American Memory -- Library of Congress collection-maps, primary sources, etc.

American Memory Timeline -- Sets of sources arranged chronologically.

American Social and Cultural History: Smithsonian -- Selected links to historical social and cultural information

American Women thru Time -- Year by year brief listing of important events with links to primary sources.

American Women's History -- A research guide providing links and bibliographies.

AmericanHistory.about.com -- Brief write-ups on historical topics. Good source for quick fact-finding.

Avalon Project -- Texts of original charters of all colonies and related documents

Constitutional Sources -- Free online library of the Founders' constitutional documents.

Carnegie Library's: U.S. History -- Subject guide to websites

Columbus Navigation Homepage -- History, navigation, and landfalls of Columbus

Current Value of Old Money -- Links to world-wide currency information

Documenting the American South -- Many primary sources

Family Search -- Genealogy

LII.org: United States History -- A list of websites recommended by librarians.

Making of America -- Searchable archive of full text books and articles about early America

Primary Sources -- State by state directory of local resources

Salem Witch Trials -- Primary documents, maps, transcripts

17th Century Colonial New England with special emphasis on the Essex County Witch Hunt -- Many links to witch trial sources

U.S. History (WWW-VL) -- An index to many sources

Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the Civil War -- Primary sources documenting daily life of two towns--one Southern and one Northern

Women Working: 1800-1930 -- Historical, manuscript and image resources


California Historical Society Index -- Index to California history topics in this publication

California Research Bureau -- Some sources from the California State Library.

California Vital Records Data

Calisphere -- California primary sources

L.A. (Los Angeles) as a Subject -- Directory of local community history resources

Online Archive of California -- Local history sources

Online County and Town Histories--Great source for primary historical documents in California (and other states) 

Truckee : Early Records -- Early records of a town close to Donner pass

We Are California--The history of immigration in California and a chance to tell your own story.


Access World News-The World Map (NewsBank Trial)

Ancient History Sourcebook -- Includes many links to visual material. Arranged by civilizations--search for information about Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, etc.

Archaeological dig at Sagalassos -- Details of this ancient city, an archaeological treasure trove in modern-day Turkey.

Avalon Project -- Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy, arranged chronologically

BBC's History Site -- Particular emphasis on British history. Also sources for Ancient Civilizations, and more.

Greek Mythology Links -- Guide to the myths of Greece. Many charts and maps.

Historic Images and Sounds -- List of websites to search for visual and/or audio sources. *GREAT IMAGES*

Historical Text Archive -- Articles, books, essays on a broad range of historical topics.

Historical Voices.org -- Hear actual voices from the past. Sources span the 20th century.

History Reference -- List of recommended websites from the Internet Public Library

In the First Person -- Primary sources index

Modern History Sourcebook -- Archive of full text resources for 18th through 20th Centuries

Operation Iraqi Freedom -- Directory of online resources

Terrorism (U. Mich) -- Well-organized source list on many topics from the acclaimed documents library at Univ. of Michigan

Terrorism/Counter Terrorism Links -- Links and resources from the United States Institute of Peace

Terrorism in Context from CQ -- Links, articles, transcripts from Congressional Quarterly

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum -- Great site for factual Holocaust material and Interpretation

Victorian Web -- All things from this period - literary, cultural, political--American and British

Voice of the Shuttle: History -- A wide array of links arranged geographically and by topic

World Digital Library

World History Links & Resources - AcademicInfo.net -- List of useful websites


AlternaTime -- A collection of timelines on the Web

American Cultural History -- 20th and 19th Centuries

American Memory Timeline -- From the Library of Congress. Sets of selected primary sources arranged by time period.

Annals Timelines -- From Encyclopedia Britannica. Search by time frame or topic

Hyperhistory -- Timelines, maps, and more

InfoPlease Year by Year, 1900-2008 -- Almanac-style. Great for quick facts and statistics.

People's Chronology, 3rd ed., 2005--Not only political/historical but also social/cultural events.

Wikipedia timelines -- Links to many different timelines on various topics


Authenticate History Center--Comprised of artifacts and sounds from American popular culture. It was created to teach that the everyday objects in society have authentic historical value and reflect the social consciousness of the era that produced them.

Brainy History -- Today in history, events by year, birthdays and deaths and more.

History Central: 20th Century -- Year by year major events of the 20th century, disasters, olympics, important people, books, TV, movies.

Our Timelines -- Generate your own timelines.

On This Day -- Day by day events, accompanied by front-page reproductions from the New York Times


American Anthropological Association -- Helpful information about the discipline of anthropology

Smithsonian: Websites for Anthropologists -- The National Anthropological Archives collections represent the four major fields of anthropology: ethnology, linguistics, archeology and physical anthropology

WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology -- Links to many Internet pages