Search BMJ Journals--British Medical Journal is an international peer-reviewed medical journal.  Fully "online first" publication--all articles appear on bmj.com before being included in an issue of the print journal. 

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals--Access to free, full-text scholarly and scientific journal articles; searchable by subject or title.

Ebsco Medline and Health Source--An electronic journals service that aggregates access to electronic journals from various publishers.  Search platform for full-text online research databases. 

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences--A comprehensive coverage of the life sciences, from structural biology to ecology.  Over 4,300 specially commissioned articles explaining key concepts in the life sciences. 


BioTech's Life Science Dictionary--Definitions of terms associated with genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, chemistry, ecology, limnology, pharmacology, toxicology and medicine.

Bookmarks for Science and Technology--A directory of links to useful websites (with descriptions).

Earthquake database (USGS)--USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards. 

Highwire Press: access fulltext science journals--Highwire Press is the largest archive of free full-text science journals. 

How Stuff Works--Brief, easy-to-understand explanations of how just about anything in modern life works. 

Internet History of Science Sourcebook--Links to documents and Web resources pertaining to the history of science, including original texts from great scientific thinkers. 

Nobel Prize.org--Official website of the Nobel Foundation. 

Science.gov - Search all government databases.

Toxnet - A cluster of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and related topics.

Treesearch-- Treesearch is an online system for locating and delivering publications by Research and Development scientists in the US Forest Service.

Science Fair Projects:
Science Fair Central (DiscoverySchool)--Ideas for science projects, science fair projects, science experiments, science fair experiments, science fair ideas. 

IPL Science Project Guide--A guide to help students through the steps necessary to create a successful science fair presentation.

Internet Science & Technology Fair-- An opportunity for students to experience the excitement of researching solutions to real-world problems involving science, engineering and other technical fields. 


Beyond Bio 101--Published simultaneously in book and Web formats, describes the changes underway in undergraduate biology education. 

Biology Browser--Gateway for organisms, topics, and geographical information. Includes search function, recent news and contact details.

CSU Bioweb--A searchable directory of teaching materials for the biological sciences. 

Encyclopedia of Life--An ongoing project to create an online reference source and database for every one of the 1.8 million species that are named and known on this planet. 

Harvard's BioLinks--A catalog of bioscience links from Harvard University. 

Plant Communities of California--Based on lecture materials for Integrative Biology 102, California Plant Life. 

Plants Database--Source of standardized information about plants in the U.S. and its territories.

Wildflowers--Where to see, when to see beautiful wildflowers in California. 

Yahoo Biology--Directory of major subdisciplines and topics in biology such as zoology, anatomy, botany, microbiology, genetics, evolution, and cell biology. 


Astronomy Internet Library (Citrus College)--A great set of resources compiled by Citrus College Astronomy faculty.

AstroWeb--A collection of pointers to astronomy-related information available on the Internet. 

Your Sky--Interactive planetarium on the Web. 

Cosmos in a Computer--Witness the birth of the cosmos, watch the universe unfold, all from your desktop. 

PhysicsWeb--News, views and information for the global physics community from IOP Publishing. 

Phases of the Moon, according to date--Moon phases for 2005-2015, or use form to choose a date.  Dates of primary phases of the moon. 


Berkeley's Chemistry Resources on the Internet--Guide to accessing the resources of the UC Berkeley Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library.  

Chemicool Periodic Table--Chemicool is a periodic table with extensive information about each element. 

ChemSpider - Free Access to Millions of Chemical Structures

ChemSoc Timeline - History of Science, Key Events in Chemistry

ElectroChemistry Dictionary--A comprehensive glossary of electrochemical, energy, and power sources terms.


Geology - USGS--Geology research and  information from the United States Geological Survey.

Geology - Yahoo--Directory of topics relating to the study of geology. 


MacTutor History of Math Site--An extensive and searchable archive covering famous people and concepts, as well as describing the development of mathematics in various cultures. 

Euclid of Alexandria--A website devoted to the most prominent mathematician of antiquity.

Archimedes--A collection of Archimedean miscellanea, containing descriptions, sources, and illustrations of all aspects of Archimedes' life.