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Art Gallery Shows 2007/2008

Show Off! Ceramics & Sculpture

Show Off! Ceramics & Sculpture
January 22 - February 29, 2008

Lynn Hendricks, Phil Wilkens, Irma Flores, Marc Ugarte, Shelly Burke,
Betsy Miller, Ray Contreras, Jr., Alex Garcia, Yoko Bostwick, Glenda Reid, Ching Wen Chen, Susan Zengar, Ana Contreras, Peter Park, Kristen Baker, Tim Vu, Jesse Standlea.

Citrus Photography Exhibition

Citrus College Photography
November 5, 2007 to January 10, 2008

Darrel Carr, Richard Hasegawa, Katheryn Littler, Daniel Garcia, Mary Bold, Mark Gagliardi, Daniel Garcia, Manny Medrano, Karen Cisco, Monica Villagrana, Daniel Stone, Vernon Krahn, Theresa Villenueve, Vernon Krahn,
Janet Ramirez.


 Faces of the Fallen

Veterans' Day, November 2007

Honoring those that have made the ultimate sacrifice

Show off! Drawing


Show Off! Drawing
September 17 - October 25 2007

Elanie Moore, Tracy Pritchard, Mark Wessel, Laura Johnson, Maryann Kviefkauskas Rackford, B. J. Lane, Cheryl Belfakih, Gabby Untermayerova, B. J. Lane


Show Off! Digital Design

Show Off! Digital Design

Matt Jackson’s Art 153-253 Digital Design classes display some stunning giclee prints and mixed media.   Some of the work is traditionally output to paper, while the other works are digital transfers to unconventional media. The transfer process is by Lasertran paper.  

Exhibiting artists: Michael Strada, Van Spillman, Anna Marie Collins, Eduardo J. Ramirez, Han-Yu Lin, Tianjia Wu, Betsey Holmes, Jonathan Herrera, Jesse Lubben, Fatemeh Tajiki, Gilbert Tic Tac Abrego, Robert Wenzel.

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            Show Off! Painting

Show Off! Painting

Painting students show works in a variety of media: oil, acrylic, watercolor, installation, video and mixed media.  Artists exhibiting : Gabby Untermayerova, Matt Phillips, Shirley Durbin, Mary Gilman, Jason Dominguez, Scott Roos, Don Simpson, Linda Steppe, Gloria Francis, Patrick Darole, Shakeh Demirjian, Mark Velasco, and Tammie Rankin

Show Off! Reality Index

Show Off! Reality Index
Summer 2008
Student artists exhibiting :  From trash to treasures / Laura Johnson, Lolbette Moreno, Cory Reynolds, Nesreen Aljabi — Population overload / Caesar Celis, Katie Coon, Tim Fan, Shingo Kunisawa, Mike Strada, Claudia Duran, Leslie Lopez, Gina Acuna — Global warming / Claudia Duran, Leslie Lopez, Gina Acuna, Raoul Zwick.  Instructor: Daniel Rotblatt.
Reality Index - work from students at Chino Hills High and Vernon Middle Schools, including Jacqueline Henriquez, Ayisha Jones, Alejandro Bernardino.
The Final Project from the students of Art 121: 3-D Design.

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