What classes are offered through Online Education?
Online education courses are listed in the Class Schedule. Visit the Introduction pages (click on semester on left) to see if there are any on-campus requirements. If you need an add code from the instructor to register for or add a class, you will find the instructor's contact information on the introduction page.

How do I register for a Online Education course?
WingSpan is the registration venue and can be accessed from your computer using the Internet. Before you register, review the Schedule Planning Tips. When selecting classes, avoid class hour conflicts, check for required lab sections, and clear prerequisites. If you experience difficulties accessing Wingspan please call (626) 914-8511. If you experience difficulties registering, call the Wingspan help desk at (626) 914-8833.

What is the Testing Center?
The Citrus College Testing Center offers test administration and proctoring of exams for Online Education classes. Students must present a Citrus College student ID to use the Testing Center. The Testing Center is located at the IS Building, Room IS 107. For more information, call 626-857-4035.

How can I access my student email account?
Enrolled students are given a Citrus College email account. For more information go to New Student: how to get started. If you have problems accessing your email account, call (626) 914-8810.

If I use AOL, can I access Blackboard?
There are known conflicts with Blackboard and the AOL browser. If your Internet provider is AOL, you do not have to use their browser. It is possible to make an internet connection through AOL, and then use another browser such as Internet Explorer (IE7 or higher) or Mozilla Firefox (3.5 or higher) to view web pages.

What do I do if my browser won’t let me access Blackboard?

  • Disable the pop-up controls before you log into Blackboard. Sometimes certain pop-up controls prevent you from accessing pages.
  • Be sure that you don't have your cookies disabled. You can also set your security to a "medium level" to see if that resolves the problem.
  • Check to be sure that your firewall settings are not prohibiting you from logging on to secure servers. Sometimes a firewall is set in such a way that prevents you from being able to log in through your work computer.

Can I access course content with my mobile devices?
Now you can go mobile with interactive teaching and learning experiences with Blackboard. A free limited service provided by Blackboard allows you to access some content with iPhone and iPad and Sprint’s Android and Blackberry devices.

Blackboard: Login Issues
I just added a course in Wingspan. Why can't I see the course in Blackboard immediately?
If you have just registered or added a course in Blackboard, it may take 6 to 12 hours for your name to appear on the roster. (The data is synchronized four times a day to accommodate students who have added or dropped courses.) If you enrolled in a course through Wingspan and cannot see the course, wait until 8 AM the following morning before checking again.

I just changed my PIN in Wingspan. Why can't I login to Blackboard?
Your Wingspan PIN and Blackboard password are the same. If you change your PIN in Wingspan, you may have to wait 6 to 12 hours for the update to occur in Blackboard.

I am able to access Blackboard. Why can’t I see the courses that I have enrolled in?
Classes in Blackboard are released by the instructor and may not be available to students until the first day of class.

Blackboard: Discussion Board
How do I use the Discussion Board?
Click on the forum and then click on + Thread to respond to the question.

How do I respond to a message?
Use the Reply button (in the blue bar at the bottom).

Why can't I see a thread that I have posted?
You may have used Save instead of Submit. If you have used the Save feature instead of Submit, your thread will be saved as a Draft. Follow the steps below:

  • Choose the forum. This will take you to a list of all the threads posted.
  • Change the drop down-menu labeled Display (in the grey bar at the bottom) from "Published" to "Drafts"  (or you can change the "Tree View" to "List View" in the upper right hand corner)
  • Click on the Draft. Choose Modify (in the blue bar at the bottom) to edit it. Then click on Submit to post it.

How do I compile several messages in one view to more easily read or print them?
While viewing the list of threads after choosing a forum, use the Discussion Board Collect feature. This will open all the threads and their replies and can be printed.

Blackboard: Collaboration Tools
What are collaboration tools?
To use Collaboration Tools such as Virtual Classroom and Lightweight Chat, you will need to have Java. If you are using a firewall, make sure it is set to accept cookies.

Blackboard: Taking a Test
I was taking a quiz in Blackboard and I was locked out before I finished?
For a variety of reasons, the student’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) may drop the connection to Blackboard. When this occurs, please contact your instructor as soon as possible and include details in your explanation of what happened. Your instructor may clear the failed exam attempt and allow you another attempt at his/her discretion. View the instructions below to avoid possible reasons you could be locked out while taking a test/exam in Blackboard.

  • Make sure you have enough time to finish the quiz or test in one sitting. Many instructors set up their assessments so that you have to complete it in one session. If you’re taking a timed quiz or test, have a clock or timer nearby. Some browsers will not display the countdown timer in Blackboard.
  •  Before you click on the link to the quiz, exit any other applications/programs running on your computer. (Programs such as iTunes, Facebook, MySpace, email programs, and instant messenger may cause problems that result in loss of quiz data.)
  • Maximize or resize your browser window before you start the quiz. (Some browsers refresh the page when you resize the window, which may lock you out from completing the quiz.)
  • Use a computer with a wired connection to the internet. Interference may cause you to get locked out in the middle of your test/exam.
  • Do not use mobile devices (such as iPhone, Android, iPad, or etc) to take the quiz or test
  • Make sure your computer has the latest version of Java installed. (Blackboard test feature uses Java and if you are not using the latest version, you may receive a pop up that prompts you to update your Java. This could cause your browser to refresh and lock you out of a test or quiz.)
  • Click the link to the quiz. Be sure to only click on the link once. DO NOT double-click on it! Sometimes it takes a while to load the quiz. If you click twice, you will get a message saying you already took the quiz and will be prohibited from completing it.
  • Do not use the back and forward buttons while taking a quiz. 
  • Remember to click on the "submit" button when you are finished taking the quiz. Do not exit the quiz (or use your browser's "back" button) until you have submitted it. Doing so will cause you to lose answers that you have already entered.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to take the quiz. If something goes wrong there won’t be enough time to resolve the issue.
  • If you have technical problems with the quiz please contact your instructor as soon as possible.

Access the Internet on Campus
I would like to use the wireless connection on campus. How do I log in?
When you are prompted for the username and password, use the first part of your email (up to the @ sign) for your username and type Cc and the first six digits of your Wingspan PIN. If you change your Wingspan PIN, you will need to wait 6-12 hours for the password to change.

Username: lucsmith432
Password: Cc081482 (note: this password is case-specific, use a capital C and a lowercase c)

The Online Education Department provides technical support resources to ensure that students have a successful online learning experience. However, Online Education staff cannot help you with issues concerning your personal computer/printer hardware or software.
Contact Information:
Phone: 626-914-8831
Email: online@citruscollege.edu