Can I still register for a class that's full before the semester officially begins?
It's possible. If a desired class is full/closed but the waitlist is open, you should waitlist the class in the meantime. In regards to adding, it is always at the instructor's discretion and dependent on whether or not there is physical space among other factors. Adding only occurs once the term has officially begun. However, physically showing up to the first meeting for a desired class (whether or not you are on a waitlist) ensures that you do not miss out on important information in the event you are able to add.

How many courses or units should I take my first semester?
This is a personal decision and dependent on your unique needs/situation. Many students work full or part time and/or have other obligations that make it necessary to take fewer units each term. For those who are required to maintain "full-time status" (e.g., financial aid or insurance policy purposes), carrying a minimum 12 units during fall and spring terms will be necessary.

Which courses do I take first?
In college, you have some flexibility in the order of the classes you take. Some things to look for are whether or not the class has a "prerequisite" and also to adhere to any "strongly recommended" advisories. Generally speaking, and if you know you are working toward a degree program, we suggest beginning with the reading, math and English courses you placed into from the assessment test.

How do I drop/add a class?
To drop a class (please make sure you are adhering to the deadlines for each term) simply log on to Wingspan using your student ID number and PIN and follow the links to "add/drop" classes. To add a class that's already begun, you must obtain an authorization "code" directly from the instructor. Then, take this code and use it to add yourself thru Wingspan.

Where do I go to register for classes?
You can register for classes online through the Wingspan link. Remember, you'll need your ID number and the four-digit PIN you chose when you first created an account in order to log on to Wingspan for any reason.

Where can I sign up for the English and math placement exam?
Refer to the assessment and testing center site for a list of available dates and times, or give them a call at (626) 857-4035.

How long will it take to earn an Associates Degree? To transfer?
The answer to this depends largely on your personal circumstances and how many classes you are taking each term. An estimation for a student successfully carrying a full time load and taking advantage of winter and summer sessions is 2.5 years to both graduate with an associate degree and transfer.

What should I do if I still have questions?
Please review our online orientation, send a general academic inquiry thru our online counseling link, or for more detailed or personal matters, make an in-person counseling/advising appointment by calling our appointment desk at (626) 914-8530.