Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Registration Begins for Winter Intercession 2009, Spring Semester 2010
by Stacy Armstrong


Now is the time to achieve your educational goals!  Enroll in classes at Citrus College.


Registration for both winter intercession 2009 and spring semester 2010 begins November 30.   To obtain a registration appointment, new and former students must submit their applications as soon as possible.  Applications may be submitted online or can be downloaded from the Citrus College website at


Winter intercession instruction begins January 4 and concludes on February 11.  Late registration and program changes for winter intercession will take place January 4 through January 8.


Instruction for spring semester begins February 17 and concludes on June 11.   Late registration and program changes for spring semester will take place February 17 through March 5.


In addition to traditional classes that offer face-to-face instruction, a wide variety of distance education classes are also available.  These classes, which utilize technology to deliver instruction online, are perfect for those students who have limited availability or are unable to travel to the campus for whatever reason.


For more information, or to access the Citrus College winter/spring class schedule, visit our website at