Saturday, August 14, 2010

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Citrus College Dance Instructor Receives 2010 Distinguished Faculty Honor
By Stacy Armstrong

John Vaughan is something of a star at Citrus College.  However, the long-time dance instructor’s extensive experience as a professional theatre director, choreographer, and performer is not the only reason he has become a standout on campus.

In addition to being a talented teacher, Vaughan is an active member of the college community.  This involvement has earned him the honor of Citrus College’s 2010 Distinguished Faculty.

“I was very surprised and grateful when I learned I would be receiving this recognition,” he said.  “It is both humbling and gratifying to be honored by my colleagues.”

Vaughan’s extensive list of contributions includes everything from helping organize convocation to teaching staff development workshops.  However, he says his greatest accomplishment outside the classroom has been serving as the Academic Senate president during the 2008-2009 academic year.

“As Academic Senate president, John played an important role in organizing the faculty’s involvement in Citrus College’s Accreditation Self-Study process.  I have no doubt that his efforts were instrumental to our successful site visit and ultimate reaffirmation,” said Dr. Geraldine M. Perri, superintendent/president.  “Among many other things, he has also been active with the college’s Steering Committee and has served as a producer for our annual Academic Achievement Awards.  Needless to say, John is an invaluable asset for Citrus College.”

Being involved in college activities has given Vaughan an even deeper appreciation for Citrus College.

"The collegial atmosphere here is wonderful,” he says.  “I enjoy the fact that this college is committed to maintaining a collaborative environment.”

Vaughan joined the Citrus College family in 1990 as an adjunct instructor in the Fine and Performing Arts Department.  Nine years later, he received a full-time faculty position.

“I chose a career in education because I love passing on my knowledge of the arts to young adults,” the Running Springs resident said.  “I love teaching and find it extremely rewarding to see a student have an ‘ah-ha’ when a concept becomes apparent.”

He holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and is currently working on his master’s degree in humanities at Cal State Dominguez Hills.

However, Vaughan says he also receives an education in his own classroom.

“I try to keep learning and growing from my students,” he said.  “This keeps my teaching fresh.  I don’t like to get in a rut.”

Dr. Gary Woods, president of the Citrus Community College District Board of Trustees, says that Vaughan is a prime example of the quality faculty that work at Citrus College.

“It is talented and dedicated faculty members like John Vaughan who help our students achieve success and make it possible for the college to fulfill our mission,” Woods said.




FURTHER INFORMATION:            STACY ARMSTRONG (626) 857-4082, JOHN VAUGHAN (626) 852-8004


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