Monday, June 14, 2010

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Citrus College Office of External Relations Receives Awards
by Stacy Armstrong


Citrus College has won four awards from a statewide professional development and service organization.


The Community College Public Relations Organization (CCPRO) is a group of professionals that promote and celebrate excellence in the fields of design, public relations, advertising, and marketing at California’s community colleges.  During their recent annual convention, CCPRO presented the Citrus College Office of External Relations with first and third place Pro Awards in the press release category and first and third place Pro Awards in the photography category.


“It is always rewarding to be honored and recognized by one’s peers and, in receiving these awards, our projects were chosen from work entered by our colleagues among the 112 California community colleges,” said Paula Green, Citrus College director of communications.  “We are proud to represent Citrus College in this manner.”


The press release that received first place honors addressed the Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI) grant Citrus College received in October 2009, while the third place press release announced the grand opening of the college’s veteran’s center in May 2009.  The first-place photograph involved a student celebrating after receiving her associate degree and the third-place photograph was of a student posing with a microscope.


“In addition to the material being exceptionally well-written and visually appealing, I think the topics resonated with judges because they represented issues that are significant in community colleges,” said Dr. Geraldine M. Perri, Citrus College superintendent/president. 


According to Dr. Perri, the subjects of the award-winning projects provide a broad view of what Citrus College offers and whom it serves.


“The HSI grant enabled Citrus College to develop the Bridge to Success Program, which offers additional academic and support services for underrepresented students.  As a nation at war, our veterans are returning home and entering college in record numbers.  The Citrus College Veterans Center welcomes them and provides the support needed as they transition back to civilian life,” Perri said.  The photograph of the student with her microscope communicates academic success and high expectations.  And, as for the graduation photo, what student is not on top of the world on his or her graduation day?”


These newest honors are now added to External Relations’ extensive list of accomplishments.


“The talented members of our staff have consistently produced an outstanding body of work.  In fact, since 2004 we have won 33 different awards from various professional organizations,” Green said.  “The projects we have been honored for reflect many areas of our field:  media relations, promotions and public relations, marketing, advertising, internal communication and publications, graphic design, and photography.  The quality and scope of our work are the envy of some marketing and corporate communication firms.”


Dr. Perri believes that the CCPRO awards highlight the importance of a community college’s communication efforts.


“Every community college in the state has its own stories, successes, and challenges.  As we all strive to provide public access to a student population that has increased significantly due to our current economic realities, the need for good communication is more important than ever,” Perri said.  “These four honors from CCPRO are proof that Citrus College is not only sharing its stories with the public, but we are doing our part in promoting the significance of the community college system as a whole.”


Trustee Gary Woods, president of the Citrus Community College District Board of Trustees, believes that these awards are the result of a successful group effort.


“Our faculty and staff are talented professionals who are dedicated to our mission of educating students and serving the community.  Our students, many of whom have faced a variety of challenges and obstacles, accomplish their goals and establish successful and productive lives,” Woods said.  “The exceptional staff members in our Office of External Relations present these stories to our internal and external audiences in a manner that is compelling and meaningful.  It is not surprising that this campus-wide collaboration continuously wins awards.”




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:          MAY 14, 2010
FURTHER INFORMATION:            STACY ARMSTRONG (626) 857-4082, PAULA GREEN (626) 914-8873