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Glendora Resident Serves as Official Student Host of Citrus College
by Rachel White


Glendora resident Kelsey Feeds is currently serving as a Citrus College Student Ambassador.


The 20-year-old biology major joins eight other students who have been serving in this elite position since the start of the fall 2009 semester.


“The Citrus College Student Ambassador Program is comprised of a select group of knowledgeable, motivated and enthusiastic students with specialized skills who work together as a team to represent Citrus College in a variety of activities,” said Ivon McCraven, coordinator of the Student Ambassador Program. 


“I feel it is important for students to be able to approach other students who are friendly and knowledgeable of services on campus,” Fees said.  “Often authority figures can be intimidating so students would rather not ask questions, but all the student ambassadors are going through the same classes and are generally in the same position as other students.  I feel like this makes us more approachable.”


Fees’ role as a student ambassador includes escorting students on campus tours, staffing booths at college fairs, speaking at local high schools and representing Citrus College at community events.


“I hope to recruit people to Citrus who weren’t originally planning to go to a community college,” Fees said.  “I want to inform students of all the services, resources and activities that Citrus has to offer in order to point people in the right direction to accomplish their goals.”


As a student ambassador, Fees tells potential students that Citrus College is a good place to get a fresh start.


“There are students who didn’t do well in high school or just want to continue their education to acquire better job skills,” he said.  “If going to a university is not one of their goals, then there are many certificate programs at Citrus to choose from which allow them to quickly enter the workforce.  If they don’t think they can afford college, I will let them know that Citrus has financial aid and scholarships.”


Fees says it is easy to recruit students to Citrus because of her own positive experiences as a Citrus student.


“What I like most about Citrus is the small class sizes because I need to interact with my teachers and be able to go to them for help,” she said.  “The Honors Program is great because the classes are even smaller and the students are motivated, like me.  I also like all the resources that Citrus offers such as transfer help and tutoring.”


Fees plans on continuing her education at a four-year university and eventually earning a doctorate in zoology or ecology.






FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                FEBRUARY 23, 2009
FURTHER INFORMATION:                   STACY ARMSTRONG (626) 857-4082, KELSEY FEES (951) 818-6548


Kelsey Fees