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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:    March 17, 2011
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Citrus College Bond Committee Presents Report to the Community

The Citrus College Measure G Citizen’s Oversight Committee presented its Annual Report to Our Community at a recent meeting of the Citrus Community College District Board of Trustees. 

The annual report, which is required by California law, informs the public regarding the progress and status of Citrus College’s building and facilities projects funded by the Measure G bond.  Citrus Community College District voters passed this $121 million general obligation bond measure in 2004.   

Bond program financials such as a Statement of Revenues, Expenditures and Change in Fund Balance, and a Bond Construction Fund balance sheet are featured in the annual report.  The status of the college’s current and recently completed building and facilities projects is also included.  Bond funds were not used in the production and printing of the report.

“The Citizens Oversight Committee has reviewed all expenditures authorized by Measure G to ensure these funds are spent only on facility improvements,” stated Committee Chair Mark Ferrari in the annual report.  “We have reviewed the expenditures and projects, and find the district is in compliance with the requirements of the California Constitution and all actions are consistent with the language approved by voters in the Measure G local bond measure.”

The annual report illustrates the vital connection between the Measure G projects and Citrus College’s success in delivering quality academic programs and student support services.

“Citrus College’s building and facilities program is directed by the Educational and Facilities Master Plan,” said Dr. Geraldine M. Perri, superintendent/president of Citrus College.  “This plan is a comprehensive ‘road map’ that identifies academic and student support needs over time and, in turn, determines the type of facilities needed to provide an educational experience that will prepare students to earn associate degrees, transfer to four-year colleges, and prepare them to meet the qualifications and demands of today’s workplace. ”

“We are grateful to the voters for their support of Measure G.  The institution they envisioned in 2004 is becoming a reality as the projects are completed and made available to students,” Dr. Perri noted. 

As required by law, the Citizen’s Oversight Committee is comprised of local residents who represent the community in monitoring Measure G fund expenditures.  The committee members, who also belong to local taxpayer, business, student, senior citizen and other community organizations, conduct public meetings four times a year at Citrus College.

The committee was lauded for their stewardship of the Measure G funds.

“I am grateful to the Citizens Oversight Committee for their fine work and outstanding leadership,” said Dr. Patricia Rasmussen, president of the Citrus Community College District Board of Trustees.  “Since Measure G was passed six years ago, their prudent oversight has produced another Report to Our Community that bears good news about Citrus College’s effectiveness as an institution of higher learning.”

The annual report and other Citizens Oversight Committee documents are available on the Citrus College website:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:    March 17, 2011
PAULA GREEN (626) 914-8873, STACY ARMSTRONG (626) 857-4082