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Citrus College Leadership Academy to Launch this Spring

By Ariel Carmona Jr.

Personal development, leadership and academic success are all interrelated. To demonstrate this tenet,  The Office of Student Life is making sure all students  have the opportunity to thrive in all these areas by offering the Citrus College Leadership Academy.

“It’s a noncredit co-curricular program in which students attend a series of workshops focused on leadership,” said the college’s student life and leadership development supervisor Adrienne Thompson, “It is open to any student whether they have a defined major or not.”

Thompson added that even though the leadership academy program is similar to others already in place at various educational institutions, spring 2012 will mark the first semester the program will be offered at Citrus College.

Thompson said the purpose of the program is to help students develop leadership and professional skills beyond the classroom.

After completing a series of six core workshops, students will be able to pick from one of three tracks to focus on:  organizational, multiculturalism, or social justice. Only the organizational track will be offered this spring, with the others to be offered in future semesters.

Workshop topics include: The Basics of Leadership, Time Management, Making Ethical Decisions, The 411 on Getting a Job, Resolving Conflict Rationally, Communication Styles, Fundraising and Event Planning.

Dana Yarbrough, a Pacoima resident and second year Azusa Pacific University (APU) graduate student, and Brian Lawrence, also a second year APU graduate student from Monrovia,  have been working with Thompson on the Leadership Academy program since December of 2010, developing a mission statement, workshop descriptions, student learning outcomes, as well as working on a handbook  to guide student participants.

Yarbrough said she would inquire to see if Citrus College and APU can collaborate on future leadership programs.  “We're an up-and-coming program,” said Yarbrough, “but we’re hoping during the summer we can move forward and have some more time to prepare and offer the other tracks in the fall.”

She added the program would like to connect with and involve Citrus College faculty and staff in their efforts.

According to Yarbrough, students have the autonomy to finish the workshops whenever they can, and after they finish their chosen track and a minimum of 15 hours of community service, they can opt to receive a leadership certificate.

“The Student Leadership Academy is a great program for our students to participate in,” said Dr. Geraldine M. Perri, superintendent/president of Citrus College. “They have the opportunity  to learn about the skills they need to be successful in a professional setting, while at the same time contributing to their community.”

Mrs. Joanne Montgomery, president of the Citrus Community College District Board of Trustees, said the Leadership Academy will be another asset to students as they pursue their educational goals at Citrus College.

“There is more to college than what one learns in the theoretical settings of academia. This program will further enrich the lives of students who choose to participate and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity,” she said.

A kick-off event for the program is scheduled for  3:30 p.m. on March 14 at the Campus Center East Wing.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                           MARCH 6, 2012

FURTHER INFORMATION:                             ARIEL CARMONA JR (626) 914-8872