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Staff Development Advisory Committee

NAME [alphabetical by last name] E-MAIL DEPARTMENT
Leigh Buchwald lbuchwald@citruscollege.edu   Supervisor/Confidential Rep.
Rosalinda Buchwald rbuchwald@citruscollege.edu   Director of Fiscal Services
Art Carroll artsince1982@gmail.com Student Representative
Dr. Sam Lee slee@citruscollege.edu Management Team Representative
Caroline Locke clocke@citruscollege.edu   Staff Development Assistant
Joyce Miyabe jmiyabe@citruscollege.edu Classified Representative
Meg O'Neil moneil@citruscollege.edu Faculty Representative
Dr. Eric Rabitoy erabitoy@citruscollege.edu Staff Development Coordinator
Dr. Robert Sammis rsammis@citruscollege.edu Management Team Representative
Crisanta Serrano cserrano@citruscollege.edu Classified Representative
Gailynn White gwhite@citruscollege.edu Faculty Representative
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