1. All employees must complete an Application for Travel Authorization form (a District form) when traveling off campus for college business at least two weeks prior to their trip. The appropriate vice president and president must approve all trips whether reimbursement is applicable or not. NOTE: It is the discretion of the President to approve or deny all travel.

    The District will fund full time faculty $400 per year. Any amount over must be submitted to Staff Development. Adjunct faculty does not receive District funding, but can receive funding from Staff Development. Depending on the type of conference or workshop requested by classified staff, their travel will be submitted to Staff Development. If submitted to Staff Development and the amount of travel is not completely supported by Staff Development, it is possible that the department conference/travel budget will cover the remaining balance.

    If funding is requested from Staff Development, the Staff Development form (click on link) must be completed and attached to the travel authorization form. Do not send requisitions along with the travel authorization form.

  3. Get the necessary signatures from your dean and forward the Travel Authorization Form and Request for Staff Development Funding Form to Caroline Locke in Staff Development. The travel expenditure must first be approved by the Faculty Learning Institute. The vice president and president will sign the forms after committee approval.   Do not make any non-refundable reservations or buy tickets until your request has been approved, unless you are prepared to pay for expenses yourself.


  4. Upon approval from the Vice President, the travel form will be forwarded to the President's Office for final review. If requesting Staff Development funds, the President's Office will forward the travel request to the Staff Development Office. After the Staff Development Committee indicates their level of travel funding, the travel form will be sent back to the President's Office for final processing. The President's Office will return the goldenrod copy of the travel form to the applicant and canary copy to the supervisor/dean within three days with an approval or denial date.


  5. After receiving approval to travel prepare requisitions. All requisitions must have an approved travel authorization form attached. Find out if the vendor requires a District warrant or purchase order for registration fees, airfare and/or lodging. The District prefers that payment be made by a purchase order. If a warrant is required for registration, the requisition must be submitted two weeks prior to the deadline date. Indicate the deadline date on the requisition and if you want the warrant mailed or returned to the person processing the requisition.

    If a purchase order can be used, obtain a purchase order number from the Purchasing Department prior to making any reservations. You must send the Purchasing Department a copy of the approved travel authorization form and approved requisition before they will issue a purchase order number. When making hotel reservations, you can use either your personal credit card or a District purchase order. Overnight stay within Los Angeles and Orange County is generally not funded. NOTE: If the registration fee is under $50, staff is expected to pay the fee and claim it as a reimbursement.


  6. Attend the conference or workshop. Always choose the least expensive alternatives for travel. The District asks that you carpool or use a District vehicle whenever possible.


  7. Complete an expense voucher within two weeks of your return and attach all original receipts. If multiple budget codes are involved, submit the expense voucher to your supervisor/dean for proper distribution of amounts prior to submitting the expense voucher to Accounts Payable.

    NOTE: Please submit original receipts for meals, lodging (itemized statement required), registration, etc., if you have personally paid for these expenses. If you do not have receipts for meals, the maximum reimbursement you may receive is $40 per day. Mileage will be reimbursed at the current federal approved rate. If you choose to drive to your destination, the District will not reimburse you beyond the cost of air travel.


  8. If Staff Development funds are granted for all or part of your travel, you are expected to complete an evaluation form and submit it to the Staff Development Office. Since Staff Development funds are limited, please share what you learn from the conference/seminar with your colleagues.

Any questions, please contact the President's Office at (626) 914-8821.