The District provides a travel allowance of $400 to each full-time faculty member for work-related travel, such as conferences, conventions, meetings, seminars, etc. The Faculty Learning Institute may grant additional funds according to the following formula:
      • $700 for each full-time faculty member
      • Additional $150 if you are a presenter

Adjunct faculty may also apply for travel funds:
      • $350 for each part-time faculty member
      • Additional $150 if you are a presenter

It should be noted that all faculty travel requests must be accompanied by a signed travel authorization form, and is contingent upon the approval of your supervisors and the president.

How to apply for funds:

1. Fill out a Travel Authorization Form (available from your department secretary). Also include the Request for Staff Development Funding form. Attach copies of any supporting documents (such as program descriptions or registration forms). Keep copies of everything for your file.

2. Get the necessary signatures from your dean and forward the Travel Authorization Form and Request for Staff Development Funding Form to Caroline Locke in Staff Development. The travel expenditure must first be approved by the Faculty Learning Institute. The vice president and president will sign the forms after committee approval. Do not make any nonrefundable reservations or buy tickets until your request has been approved, unless you are prepared to pay for expenses yourself.

3. After you receive your authorization, make your reservations and go. Have a great time, and keep your receipts!

4. To receive your reimbursement submit an expense voucher along with receipts to Accounts Payable/Fiscal Services within two weeks after you return. You will not be reimbursed if you do not submit an expense report, and your allocated funds will be returned to the faculty development budget for someone else to use.