The Purpose of Flex
The committee's purpose is to determine programs for the college's Flex Days as determined through faculty assessment. A representative from the Flex Committee also serves on the Faculty Development Committee as a liaison.

Flex exists to allow all faculty of Citrus College, full-time and adjunct, to participate in planned activities to encourage and support professional enhancement. The committee is charged with organizing and presenting Flex Day, which occurs the Friday prior to spring semester in January. The Flex Committee also organizes and publicizes other activities presented during the year that qualify for flex credit.

Faculty Responsibilities/Requirements
Every faculty member at Citrus College is required to attend six hours of flexible activities, which are specifically designed to enhance, deepen or update the instructor's knowledge of his or her craft. These activities may include, but are not limited to, technology seminars, new teaching strategy presentations, or experiences that expand on the instructor's cultural understanding of his or her specific craft.

Faculty must attend six hours of activities on January Flex Day, or attend some other activity or activities during the year, and then submit an Alternative Flex Approval Form to the flex committee for credit no later than April 30. A faculty member who does not fulfill all six hours will have that time charged against their allotment of sick days and personal days.

In addition to the scheduled on-campus workshops, faculty are also given the opportunity to complete their flex hours in an approved departmental activity or by individual contract.

For specific requirements for an activity to be accepted, please contact Flex Committee Chair.

The Committee
The Flex Committee is composed of a representative from the Faculty Development Committee, eight additional full time faculty members, one adjunct faculty member, and one classified member. The committee meets monthly or as needed to plan Flex Day activities.