If you are currently enrolled at Citrus College in college-credit or non-credit courses, you are eligible to participate.

To enroll in the Citrus College CalWORKs program, you:

  • must be a current recipient of AFDC/TANF
  • must have a child
  • must enrolled in classes at Citrus College
  • must be referred by your county worker (ex: GAIN in Los Angeles County, Employment Specialist in San Bernardino County)

How to apply?
Please call the Citrus College CalWORKs Program Department at (626) 852-8023 for an appointment.  You will be required to show verification of current AFDC/TANF benefit (Welfare to work plan) and your current class schedule.

What's expected from a CalWORKs student?

  • Maintain a 2.00 GPA
  • Meet the 20/30/35 hour county approved program of activities
  • Comply with Department of Social Services and CalWORKs/GAIN guideline