The Counseling and Advisement Center counseling staff provides a variety of counseling services including educational planning, career counseling, transfer counseling, and personal counseling to help students make informed choices.

Counselors assist with long-range planning and checking specific requirements so that students meet graduation requirements, course prerequisites, and requirements for transfer to four-year colleges or universities.

 Individual Sessions

Individual Appointment Sessions – Students meet with a counselor or advisor during an individual appointment session. Services include academic, career, and transfer counseling, reinstatement to Citrus after being dismissed from the fall semester, creating a SEP, filing graduation applications, and checking requirements to transfer to a 4-year university. Recommended for students who completed the assessment, completed orientation, and declared a course of study (major) on the Citrus College application or submitted the Course of Study form in the Admissions and Records Office. Official high school and college transcripts must be on file or brought to the appointment (if applicable).

 Drop-In Services

Counter Services – Counter services are provided for students who have quick questions as it pertains to pre-requisite clearances, general class information, unit increase requests, assessments from other colleges, and probation status checks. Students are seen in the order that they check-in. Recommended for students with quick questions.

Triage Services – This service is provided for students who have requests such as to repeat a class for the third time (3-PEAT), retake the assessment, pre-requisite clearance requiring additional research, emergency SEP updates for Veterans and Athletes, unit increase for probation students, basic skills 30-unit limit petition, dismissal status check, and review of placement levels. Students are seen in the order that they check-in. Recommended for students with quick questions who require further assistance by a counselor.