Effective Summer 2010, orientation will now be required for all new non-exempt students at Citrus College. The following are the matriculation steps (assessment, orientation and counseling) along with the appropriate links to access further information:

  • Assessment - Take the English and math assessments. Students need to present their new student letter and a photo ID at the time of assessment. To access assessment and orientation information go to Assessment and Placement Testing. Students will receive assessment scores directly after completing the assessment session.
  • Orientation - Students who are new to Citrus, beginning Summer 2010, are urged to complete the assessment and MUST complete orientation. The orientation requirement must be completed by the following dates:
    • Summer/Fall Applicants – October 31
    • Winter/Spring Applicants – June 30

    All future registration will be withheld for students who applied to the College and have not completed orientation by the appropriate deadline dates listed above. Students that believe they are exempt or those who want to read about procedures for challenging matriculation regulatory provisions can be referred to the matriculation section in the Citrus College Catalog

  • Orientation Options ‐ Orientation can be satisfied in any of the following formats:
    • In-Person Orientation (recommended for new students)
      1. New Student Assessment/Orientation Session
      2. Assessment/Orientations held at high schools
      3. Early Decision at Citrus College (only available through high school districts) 
    • Online Orientation at http://orientation.citruscollege.edu
  • Counseling - Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor during their first semester to develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP).