The process of developing a formal, written agreement that identifies courses or sequence of courses at one college/university that are comparable to, or acceptable in lieu of, specific course requirements at another college/university.

Articulation System Stimulating Inter-institutional Student Transfer (ASSIST)
The official statewide repository of statewide articulation information for California Community Colleges, California State University, and University of California. The ASSIST web site displays Transfer Course Agreements, Baccalaureate lists, General Education lists, and other articulation agreements.

Baccalaureate List (BACC)
All courses that each California Community College has approved to be transferable for general lower-division credit to California State University campuses.

California Articulation Number System (CAN)
A common course number identification system for many lower-division, transferable courses that identifies courses with the same CAN number as comparable.

California Private/Post Secondary Institutions
Educational institutions and agencies which offer occupational instruction beyond high school.

General Education/Breadth Requirement (GEB)
Course requirements that all students are expected to meet, regardless of major.

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)
A competency certification that can be used by California Community College transfer students to fulfill lower-division general education requirements for transfer to a California State University or University of California.

Lower-Division Major Preparation Agreements
Agreements generated by individual institutions that contain lower-division course preparation for a specific major.

A transferable course is a Citrus Community College District course that is accepted at a four-year educational institution for unit credit only.

University of California Transfer Course Agreement (UC TCA)
Identifies courses at a community college that are transferable to the University of California.

University of California (UC) :  
A four-year post-secondary system that includes 10 campuses.

California State University (CSU) :  
A four-year post-secondary system that includes 23 campuses.

California Community Colleges (CCC) :  
A two-year post-secondary system that includes 109 colleges and numerous branch campuses.