1. Actual time spent in classes is considerably less in college than in high school, creating much more free time.

  2. The freedom to cut classes or spend time with friends is much greater in college than in high school. Not attending class, however, is directly correlated to failure in college.

  3. College professors spend much more time lecturing and expect students to read and study textbooks on their own.

  4. Studying in college does not necessarily mean homework; it means independent learning, such as reading, reviewing notes or studying outside sources in the library.

  5. For every hour in class, 2-3 hours outside of class should be spent studying.

  6. Tests in college are generally given less frequently than in high school, so grades are based on fewer opportunities.

  7. In college (C, not C-) is generally considered the lowest passing grade; anything lower can risk probation or dismissal.