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DSP&S may contact instructors to obtain class materials prior to the first class meeting. In a classroom setting 'equal access' means both abled and disabled students receive classroom materials (syllabi, handouts, videotapes) at the same time. For disabled students it may mean that a faculty member will be contacted by the DSP&S staff to obtain an advanced copy of the course material so that there is enough lead time to convert the material into an alternative format accessible to the student. Examples of alternative formats are large print text, electronic text, Braille or closed-captioned videotapes. Depending on the format, the process can be quite time-consuming and your cooperation in providing equal access to your students will benefit all students.

DSP&S as a Resource

The DSP&S staff has access to a tremendous amount of information regarding disability access in higher education. Citrus College is an institutional member of the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) and the California Association of Post Secondary Education and Disability (CAPED). As a result of these memberships, our college has excellent access to workshops, materials, journals and up-to-date legal information regarding disability. Please use the DSP&S Office as your resource for information regarding accommodating students.

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