1. Obtain documentation from high school special education office or appropriate professional.  Be clear about any accommodations you have received in the past and may want to request.  Make copies of your documentation to give to your college DSPS counselor.

  2. Understand and be able to articulate what your disability is and how it affects you.

  3. While in high school, learn how to use accommodations similar to those available in college.

  4. Learn how to responsibly handle freedom, making good choices that enhance opportunities for success; learn how to balance time with study, work, relaxation.

  5. Get to know who the service providers are and what other support personnel are available, and then use their services on a regular basis.

  6. Learn to advocate for yourself while in high school.

  7. Practice good study strategies: textbook reading, note-taking, and reviewing course material regularly (not just before tests). Consider enrolling in a counseling class to develop better study strategies.

  8. Get your living space and study materials organized by using files, notebooks and a good calendar.