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  1. Students interested in FWS must notify the FAO of their interest in the FWS program after they complete their file and receive their financial aid email award notification. FAO will determine FWS eligibility and eligible students will be contacted to pick up a Work-Study Employment Referral form from FAO.

  2. Students must take the Work-Study Employment Referral form to Student Employment Services (SES) and inquire about openings or students can check online for available jobs. The FAO does not make employment referrals to departments on campus.

  3. Students will then contact the supervisor listed on the job opening to arrange an interview. Students must present their referral form which has the amount of their fall/spring award notated to the supervisor. Awards are given for the academic year and can only be earned during the assigned semester. Please note that the referral has a two-week expiration date. FWS awards are canceled on the expiration date if the student has not been hired. Students can renew expired referrals at the FAO as long as funds are still available.

  4. If the supervisor wishes to hire the student, the supervisor will keep all copies of the signed employment referral form and submit it to the SES.

  5. After the SES receives the referral form, SES will notify the supervisor, FAO, and the student of their official start date. The student cannot begin work prior to the start date.

  6. If the supervisor elects not to hire the student, the supervisor will return the unsigned referral form back to the student and direct the student back to SES or online to seek other employment opportunities.

The student and the supervisor are responsible for establishing a work schedule that ensures that hours worked do not exceed the balance of the dollar amount awarded after each pay period (the 26th of the month through the 25th of the following month).

Timecards must be signed by the supervisor and student and submitted to the Payroll Department by the 25th of each month.

Pay dates are the 10th of the following month for on-campus jobs; the 5th of the month for off-campus jobs. Students may work up to 20 hours per week, eight hours per day when classes are in session. Students are not eligible for overtime, vacation accumulation, sick leave, or unemployment insurance.


The student will be terminated from their FWS employment by the FAO if the student:

  1. Drops below six (6) units at any time during the semester or three (3) units in winter/summer.

  2. Does not maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). SAP is checked after each semester. Students may continue to work fall/spring hours unless otherwise notified by the Financial Aid Office. The FAO will email a list of ineligible FWS students to the appropriate supervisors and notify the student after SAP from the previous semester has been verified. Go to the SAP Policy to view full details.

  3. Earns their FWS award for the semester.
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