Campus Safety Officers are the first responders to campus emergencies outside the health center. When notified, they will respond to the location and assess the situation. If needed, they will contact the appropriate emergency medical service (EMS). If emergency transport is not needed, the Campus Safety Officers may escort the person to the health center for further evaluation.

For an on-campus emergency, use a campus phone and dial 8611. Provide your location and all pertinent information surrounding the incident. Campus Safety will respond immediately.

If you are unable to get to a campus phone, from your cell phone, you can contact Campus Safety by dialing (626) 914-8611. In the event of a life threatening emergency, dial 9-911 from a campus phone or 911 from a cell phone. When it is safe to do so, immediately notify Campus Safety as well to avoid a delay in response.

The Student Health Center staff will provide first aid and emergency care to students and employees. If the medical condition warrants, EMS will be called for additional treatment and transport to a medical facility.

Students and employees who have insurance will discuss payment for EMS transport with their insurance carriers. Depending on the nature of the illness or injury, uninsured students and employees will work out the payments with the billing agency for EMS transport.