The Community Service component will help put learning into action. The Leadership Academy participant will have the opportunity to explore volunteer opportunities in local communities and beyond. College students sitting on hood of a car

Community Service Resources
There are many ways volunteer work can be found. The search methods chosen will depend on the type of work and location selected. 

Tips for choosing a volunteer experience

  • Choose opportunities based on individual interests/passions
  • Arrange a face to face introduction (email is okay)
  • Research organizations before declaring interest
  • Make sure the organization's mission aligns with values

Once a place has been found to volunteer

  • Be punctual
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be respectful of volunteer coordinators and other volunteers
  • Be prepared to take on multiple tasks or "dirty work"

Volunteering locally Servant Leadership: Office of Student Life

  • Food bank
  • Hospitals
  • Kennels
  • Local church
  • Community centers
  • Homeless shelters

Volunteer Search Engines

The Volunteer Center of San Gabriel Valley is a resource for finding volunteer opportunities within the San Gabriel Valley.

California Volunteers is a state effort to increase the number of Californians engaged in volunteer service. Individuals can use this site to find opportunities within the state of California.

Local, Regionally, and Nationally
Enter ZIP code, city or state along with keywords describing the type of work and these sites will connect to different volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Match provides individuals with volunteer information and volunteer listings in their local and surrounding communities.

Get Involved is a national campaign encouraging seniors (aged 55+) to get involved by volunteering in their local and surrounding communities. can be used as an online resource for finding volunteer opportunities in your community, or creating your own volunteer opportunities.

Individuals can use All for Good to find volunteer opportunities with prominent non-profit organizations or smaller grass roots based organizations.

The Media
Social networking sites
Volunteer blogs
Public access channels
Radio stations