The Dean of Students identifies and assesses the behavior of concern and assembles the appropriate Student Conduct Team members to join the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) to further assess student of concern and provide a combination of immediate intervention and/or monitoring.

Each situation does not follow a linear process and each step – identification and communication of behaviors, assessing intervening and monitoring- may raise complex issues and possible responses.

One of BIT's important functions is to differentiate warning signs or behaviors that consider itself an imminent threat from those that generate lower levels of concern.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to explore this site's links to obtain information regarding:
A Guide for Behavior Assessment, Response and Intervention
Assisting the Emotionally Distressed Student 
Confronting a Behavior of Concern - contact the Office of Student Affairs at (626) 914-8601
Diffusing Crisis and Anger 
Guidelines for Assessing Student Behavior    

We encourage you to report concerning behaviors or students of concern to the Dean of Students by either filling out the Incident Report Form, calling Campus Safety (626) 914-8611, or 911.