The Office of Student Affairs has created a campus violence prevention team called the Student Conduct Team to identify, assess, monitor, and respond to students whose behaviors may be troubling and/or present potential threats.

The Student Conduct Team blends campus leaders with proximity to information about what is going on around the campus community, campus leaders who have expertise in assessing and managing students of concern, and campus leaders who have the authority to recommend and/or take action. Assessing each individual situation to devise an appropriate, case-by-case response is the essential role for the Student Conduct Team.

The goal of the Student Conduct Team is to prevent violent incidents on campus by identifying students of concern and providing them access to early intervention services, as well as finding campus-wide solutions for a safe and secure campus.

The Student Conduct Team created a behavioral assessment, response, and intervention guide for faculty, staff, and administration to address students of concern and how to engage them with appropriate treatment, assistance, and/or needed referrals.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to explore this site's links to obtain information regarding:
A Guide for Behavior Assessment, Response and Intervention
Assisting the Emotionally Distressed Student 
Confronting a Behavior of Concern - contact the Office of Student Affairs at (626) 914-8601
Diffusing Crisis and Anger 
Guidelines for Assessing Student Behavior  
Student Conduct Process 

We encouraged you to report violations to the Dean of Students by filling out the Student Conduct Violation Form, Campus Safety (626) 914-8611, or 911.