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Researching Employers

Throughout the year, every U.S. public company is required to disclose critical business and financial activities to the SEC. This site gives you free access to this information including, quarterly and annual reports, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Internet Nonprofit Center
The INC site provides information for and about nonprofit organizations. The INC library is a repository for publications, information and data about nonprofit organizations and the nonprofit sector, generally by sources other than nonprofits themselves.

Reference USA 
Reference USA is a detailed listing of 10.5 million businesses with the ability to search by company name, type of business, geography, business size and more.

The Riley Guide 
The Riley Guide's Business and Employer Research section helps you not only find the employers that you want to talk to, but also learn more about employers who have invited you for interviews

Top Entry Level Employers
CollegeGrad.com released the results of their annual Top Entry Level Employers survey. The results profile future hiring plans for more than 500 entry level employers representing more than 100,000 entry level positions.

"Your First Job Doesn't Commit You to a Career"
Visit the College Journal, from the Wall Street Journal, and read about one Rutgers student's views on the transition from college student to professional.

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