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What Can I Do with a Major In?

Portland State University: What Can I Do With a Degree in...
A research source from the Advising and Career Services Division of PSU.

University of Tennessee: What Can I Do With This Major?
This resource provides a comprehensive list of 80 majors and students can click on each major title to access information and links. The information outlines common career areas students enter with this major, typical employers that hire students in this field and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. The areas and websites are representative of typical career paths associated with each major, but is not an exhaustive list.

University of California, Berkeley
Based on UCB's annual survey of recent graduates, the Career Center has profiled 79 majors from six of the UC Berkeley colleges. The reports detail what choices graduates made and illustrate that college majors rarely restrict their career or graduate school options. This may give students ideas for career paths to explore that you may not have previously considered.

University of Delaware
This site provides Major Resource Kits that link academic majors to career alternatives by providing information on career paths, sample job titles, and a short bibliography of University of Delaware Career Resource Center materials available to students in a particular major.

University of North Carolina Wilmington
Students can find industry specific information on many majors including possible occupations, job and internship search links, and career planning links.

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