At Citrus College, our student-centered community of faculty and staff can be contacted for advice, support, resources and general information.

The entire Citrus College community remains steadfast in our commitment to student success. Let us help you in providing the support, understanding and resources that you may need.

• If you are experiencing stress or anxiety, assistance can be provided at the Student Health Center, located on the first floor in the Student Services building. The Student Health Center's telephone number is (626) 914-8671.

• If you have questions regarding your residency status or need help with immigration resources, please contact the Dean of Admissions and Records, Dr. Gerald Sequeira, at (626) 914-8519.

• If you feel you are being harassed or threatened, go directly to the Office of Human Resources, located on the first floor of the Administration building, or contact Dr. Robert Sammis at (626) 914-8554, Ms. Brenda Fink at (626) 914-8830, or Campus Safety at (626) 914-8611.

• If you believe you are in an unsafe situation while on campus, contact Campus Safety immediately at (626) 914-8611 for assistance.

• Additionally, the following link to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office is intended to help students in times of uncertainty about policies related to the immigration, DACA, Dream Act, AB 504 and related topics:

Undocumented students can apply and enroll at Citrus College. In addition, undocumented students with DACA status are eligible to establish California resident status for lower tuition, access to state financial aid and access to some state categorical programs like EOPS. Undocumented students who graduated from a California high school may also qualify for AB 540 status that exempts students from nonresident tuition and allows access to some financial aid and some state categorical programs. Please visit the AB540 Resource Website for additional information. In addition, the college's Noncredit Program offers a no fee option which is open to all students regardless of their immigration status.

For questions regarding admissions, residency, and AB540, please contact the Admissions and Records Office at (626) 914-8511 or

Financial Aid
DACA and AB540 students should submit the California Dream Act financial aid application for eligibility for state financial aid. DACA and AB540 students are likewise eligible for scholarships.

For questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (626) 914-8592 or