Monica Christianson is a certified mental health counselor in the Veterans Success Center. Transitional counseling is offered for individuals and family, and evening hours can be arranged. Counseling for PTSD, TBI and military sexual assault, or for marriage counseling. Call (626) 852-6457 for confidential information. Counseling sessions are confidential.

Military personnel unveiling the U.S. flag at the Citrus College Homecoming game 2014 

Citrus Community College District is committed to providing an educational environment that is safe and free of all forms of discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct. If you (or someone you know) has experienced or experiences gender-based violence (intimate partner violence, attempted or completed sexual assault, harassment, coercion, stalking, etc.), know that you are not alone.  

The college strongly encourages reporting any type of sexual misconduct. You have the choice to report that to: 
Human Resources Staff Diversity and Title IX Coordinator (626) 914-8830
Campus Safety Supervisor (626) 914-8611
Health Center Nurse (626) 914-8671
or Glendora Police Department (626) 914-8250. 

Sexual Assault

Sexual Harassment

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