STEM counselors provide counseling and advising for Citrus College STEM majors and students who are exploring STEM majors.

STEM Careers and Career Decision Making
STEM counselors help students understand Science, Technology, Engineering and Math majors and the likely careers that follow university degrees in these fields. Career counseling and counselor assisted career research helps STEM majors decide on the best possible major and career pathways. Undecided students may meet with a STEM counselor to explore STEM majors.

University Transfer
Requirements and standards for transfer to universities are complex and change periodically. Because of the impact of the California economy on university funding, university admission has also become more competitive. STEM counselors help students understand changes as they occur and identify several universities likely to match students’ majors and goals.

Educational Planning
A Student Educational Plan (SEP) with regular updates can help students understand how long their program of study at Citrus College will likely take. Complex course sequences in math and science can be explained and planned so that the student understands how to make progress as quickly as possible.

Associate Degrees
With careful planning, STEM majors may be able to receive one or more Associate degrees prior to transfer. For students majoring in Math or Physics, Citrus College also offers an Associate of Science-Transfer degree in Mathematics and an Associate of Science-Transfer degree in Physics. Math and Physics majors can speak to a STEM Counselor about the possible advantages of completing designated Transfer degrees.

Individual Appointments for Academic, Career and Personal Counseling
STEM Counselors are available to meet with STEM majors individually by appointment. Appointments are scheduled for 30-minutes and may be in the Math building (office MA 121A, first floor), or in the Counseling Center (Student Services Building, second floor), depending on counselor availability. Call (626) 914-8530 or (626) 852-6419 to make an appointment.

Events and Programs
STEM counseling sponsors events throughout the year for STEM majors. Follow the Citrus College STEM Academy on Facebook or Twitter for announcements, events, and other resources for STEM majors.