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SIGMA (Support and Inspire to Gain Motivation and Achievement) is a peer mentoring program supported through the RACE to STEM project. SIGMA was designed with the understanding that connecting college students to their peers has the potential to strengthen students' commitment to completing college coursework.1 Moreover, mentoring may lead to substantial intellectual and academic growth and development during undergraduate years.2

Through SIGMA, Stem Academy students can be matched with a mentor who provides them with a support network as they make the transition to the fully articulated curriculum in STEM disciplines and move up in the sequence of STEM courses.

If you are interested in being matched with a peer mentor, please complete the online Peer Mentee application.

To become a Peer Mentor, you may fill out the online Peer Mentor application.

1 Brainard and Carlin (1998)
2 Crisp and Cruz (2010)