STEM 2, Strengthening Transfer Education and Matriculation in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics 

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), a four-year comprehensive university and Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) in Orange County, CA, and three of its feeder community colleges, Citrus College, Cypress College and Santiago Canyon College, also HSIs, have created Strengthening Transfer Education and Matriculation in STEM (STEM)2, a multifaceted project designed to encourage STEM degrees, retain students in STEM fields, produce more community college STEM transfers to four-year institutions and, ultimately, increase the number of Hispanic/Latino and low-income students attaining STEM baccalaureates.

This multifaceted five-year grant provides the following services to Citrus College:

• Supplemental Instruction
• Summer Research Experience at CSUF
• STEM Counseling
• (STEM)2 Peer Mentors

The first step in taking advantage of (STEM)2 opportunities is by joining the STEM Academy.

The STEM Academy is a community of learners interested in pursuing degrees in STEM. Being part of this cohort community will help you connect with all the STEM opportunities available on campus.

This grant serves all Citrus College students who are interested in transferring in a STEM major, regardless of chosen transfer institution. Students who choose to transfer to CSU Fullerton as part of the (STEM)2 program, will be eligible to receive continuing (STEM)2 grant services*. These include:

• Special consideration in selection to CSUF
• Orientation for STEM transfer students to CSUF
• Family Day with CSUF faculty
• Continued mentoring and support
• Priority Registration at CSUF

*Please see a STEM Counselor to learn about eligibility requirements to transfer to CSUF as part of the (STEM)2 program.

There is also information on the CSUF (STEM)2 website