Medical Insurance
The AIFS program fee includes a group insurance policy issued by ACE American Insurance Company. The policy provides two distinct types of coverage:

1. Before the program begins, AIFS will refund fees paid by students unable to participate on the program because of covered injury, illness or quarantine in a travel area. However, a fee is retained from the amount paid which includes a $100 processing fee, the $50 non-refundable application fee and $125 insurance premium.

2. Once the program has begun, the plan covers the cost of medical treatment abroad, up to a maximum of $100,000 per sickness or accident and with a daily hospital charge limit of $300. There is a $50 deductible per incident for medical claims against this policy.

These two categories of insurance are mutually exclusive. That is, the policy does not cover medical expenses before the program begins, nor does it refund any portion of the AIFS program fees once the program has begun.

The insurance also covers costs associated with changing the return flight if a student is unable to complete the program due to accident, illness or quarantine in a travel area. It offers 24-hour travel assistance in case of an emergency, legal assistance, medical transportation and emergency cash transfer in case of theft or loss. Full details of the coverage are available at  

Optional Medical Insurance Upgrade and Personal Effects Insurance
A medical insurance upgrade provides a maximum $250,000 per sickness or accident with a daily hospital charge of $300 ($50 deductible for each accident or illness). Optional personal effects insurance covers loss or theft up to $1,000, subject to a maximum $100 per item ($500 for electronic devices) and a deductible of $100 per incident. Students are advised to arrange additional insurance for special items. Expensive or irreplaceable items should be left at home.