The College Success Program at Citrus College was created in spring 2007 and is designed to integrate Instruction and Student Services in order to provide resources to assist students who place in below college-level courses.

Oversight is provided by the director of College Success and the College Success Advisory Committee. Courses include: English 098 and 099; Math 020, 029, 030 and 032; ESL Levels 2, 3 and 4.

Student Learning Outcome
Outcome - Students who place below college level in English, reading, math and ESL receive effective instructional and student service resources
Rationale - To assist students to reach their academic goals and increase their success and retention
Assessment - By statistical analysis of success and retention rates and by student survey

Mission Statement of the College Success Advisory Committee
The College Success Program promotes academic advancement by increasing student knowledge, enhancing learning skills and providing educational support.

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