The college has a variety of computer classroom and lab facilities.

  • The college's computer resources are available to currently enrolled Citrus College students during posted hours.
  • The college's computer resources are to be used only for work on projects assigned in, or reasonably related to course requirements of, current classes at Citrus College.
  • Student computer lab printing resources are limited. Please check with your instructor for any concerns you may have.
  • In some labs, students will be asked to swipe their Citrus College Photo ID card in a scan station for enrollment verification.
  • Equipment in open computer labs is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Systems will support USB flash drives for student file storage. If you have problems with USB drive use, please contact the Lab Instructor or Assistant.
  • Students will be required to log into their student user account, which are established for currently registered students at Citrus College.
  • All disks and USB flash drives MUST be scanned at the provided virus scan station prior to use on lab equipment.

Laboratory hours will be posted in the computer labs. Please check the schedule board frequently to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and confusion. Variations from regular lab hours during vacation and holiday periods will be posted in the affected labs.