Laboratory procedures have been established to help maintain a good working environment in the college's computer labs. Your cooperation in observing these policies will be appreciated and will help prevent conflicts.

The lab instructor or lab assistant that is on duty controls the use of all equipment in the computer lab.

After using any equipment and before leaving the lab, students should insure they have:

  • left equipment in proper order for the next person.
  • thrown away all used paper into the appropriate recycling bin.
  • logged off the computer they were using.
  • swiped their Citrus College ID Card in the scan station, if one is available.
  • taken all their personal belongings.

Any personal belongings left in the Computer Center will be taken to the Security Office. Photo ID Cards will be taken to the TeCS administrative office and then sent to the Security Office. Any computer output will be discarded.

Students are not allowed to take food and drink into computer classrooms or labs.

As a courtesy to all, cell phone use is not permitted in the labs.

Safety policies and common sense require that young children not be allowed in the computer classrooms or labs.

Telephones are for college business only. Anyone desiring to leave messages for students must contact the duty Administrator's office. Incoming messages are only forwarded to students in labs or classes in cases of extreme urgency. For outgoing calls, there are pay phones on campus. For your use some of the locations are in the Student Center, inside the library lobby, in the Administration Building, outside Lifelong Learning Center and south of the Computer Center.

Classrooms and laboratory areas are designed for studying and not for play. Common courtesy to students who use these areas for studying is expected from all persons.

Please report any equipment or software malfunctions to the lab assistant on duty. Do not attempt to correct equipment malfunctions yourself. The lab assistant will verify the problem and make arrangements to have it repaired.

If you cannot find something you need to complete your project, or are having trouble with equipment or software, please ask the lab assistant for help. The lab assistants are available to ensure that the computer resources in the lab function properly and to maintain an orderly lab environment that is conducive to study. They are not there to provide consulting or extensive assistance to students in the completion of their assigned projects. Technical questions related to your instructor-assigned class projects should be referred to the lab instructor on duty.

Certificated lab instructors are available in the lab during at scheduled times.

Equipment in the lab will usually be available on a first-come basis. When there is a heavy demand, the lab assistant may require that the computer resources be occupied/utilized for a period of 30 to 60 minutes at a time. Equipment sign-up sheets will be available for this purpose. Some lab resources may be reserved for students that require specialized equipment or software.

Users of the computer lab are expected to abide by all rules and regulations of the college and the computer facilities. Any student not displaying common courtesy or good common sense in the use of the laboratory facilities will be requested by a lab assistant or staff member to leave and may lose their lab privileges and may also be subject to student disciplinary procedures.

For further information, or if clarification is needed, you are encouraged to contact Glenna Johnson, technology operations and support services supervisor, at (626) 914-8812 or

Thank you for your cooperation.