Student accounts authorized each semester will limit the total number of pages printed per semester. Student accounts that have reached these preset limits will be unable to print. Students who cannot print should check with the Lab Instructor on duty and with their class instructor for resolution.

Some of the specific prohibited non-educational activities include, but not limited to, are:

  • downloading and/or installing software on college computers.
  • conducting personal business and/or correspondence.
  • participating in personal chat groups.
  • playing computer games.

All computing equipment must be used only with software approved for use on Citrus-owned equipment. Approved and licensed software will be available for your use when you sign up for equipment use. Unauthorized copying of or tampering with the software on Citrus College computer systems is illegal under state and federal statutes and can result in the loss of lab privileges, disciplinary action, and criminal prosecution.

Occasional tours or class demonstrations may cause an interruption in the regular lab schedules. Any changes in the lab schedules will be posted in the affected lab(s) several days in advance.

Occasionally, unscheduled hardware and software maintenance is required. When this is necessary, the affected equipment will not be available for student use. Since these requirements are often unpredictable, your cooperation and patience will be appreciated by the college staff members performing the maintenance.

If you have any questions regarding the use of lab facilities or equipment, please direct them to the lab assistant or lab instructor on duty, or contact Glenna Johnson, technology operations and support services supervisor, at (626) 914-8812 or