Citrus College is implementing a new administrative software system that will integrate information from all departments and functions across the college into a single system.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project will manage curriculum, schedule and student information as well as support counseling, matriculation, financial aid, human resources, payroll, and other college functions.

Under the guidance of the Citrus College Banner Leadership Team (BLT), formerly the ERP Steering Committee, Sungardhe Banner was chosen from several vendors to bring the college’s technology to a new age.

The name and logo of the project, WingSpan, was chosen from two contest winners. The "ERP name" contest winner was former Citrus student and current staff photographer, Roy LaBomme. Roy envisioned the word "WingSpan" from Citrus' owl mascot. He states, "Owls have wings and WingSpan sounds like C-Span and makes you think of something covering the campus." The "ERP logo" contest winner was student, Aaron Struthers. Aaron's idea for the design came from pilots wings with the center of the logo representing an open book.

Wing Span logo