What is my Office 365 email account name?
The format of the email will be first three letters of your first name, your full last name, then three randomly generated numbers. For example, Jane Doe's email is JanDoe473@student.citruscollege.edu  
No use of spaces or special characters, such as (-) hyphens.

How do I activate my Office 365 email account?

Step 1: You will need your WingSpan Student ID Number. (Note: If you have just applied to Citrus College, you will need to wait 24 hours before proceeding to step 2.)

Step 2: Go to WingSpan at https://wingspan.citruscollege.edu
Click on the link Enter Secure Area and enter your login information
Select the "Personal Information" tab
Click the link for "View Email Addresses"
Your email address will be listed under the title Citrus College Email.

IMPORTANT!! You will be required to change your new Office 365 email password. Your initial password will be your birthdate in the format: MMDDYY. If your birthday is August 28, 1993, enter it as 082893.

Step 3: You are ready to use your Office 365 email account. Simply visit https://login.microsoftonline.com  from any web browser to log in and check your email. This account is your official Citrus College student account. Check it regularly as official college email communication will be sent to this email account from various academic and student support offices, as well as from your professors.

How do I access my Office 365 account?
Access email from any Internet-capable device at https://login.live.com 

NOTE: Students will be able to access Citrus College Office 365 email in any browser. However, to fully utilize the other Office 365 components, Microsoft Internet Explorer IE 7 (or higher) should be used.