Citrus College provides staff, faculty and students access to the wireless network on campus where available. The wireless network does not provide access to campus resources, only to Internet resources.

The college cannot provide specific instructions for accessing the wireless network because every device has a different setup procedure. In order to connect to the wireless network, you will need a device with a properly configured wireless 802.11 a/b/g network adapter. The campus wireless does not require encryption, so be aware of what information you are providing over the Internet.

The Citrus College wireless network can be identified by the ID of CC-AP. If you detect any variations of this, do not connect to it and please notify TeC Services so we may investigate. Once you have connected your device to this access point, open your browser and enter any web site URL and you will be prompted for your login.

The login you will be providing is the same as used on any computer on campus. If you do not know your campus network login, you can find your login information by visiting the Student Network Login page.