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Carsten Dau with French bulldog 

Language Arts Faculty and Honors Transfer Program Committee Chair
B.A., M.A., Louisiana State University
(626) 852-8091
CI 213

My name is Carsten Dau. I began teaching English courses at Citrus College in the early 1990s; I became a full-time Citrus College Language Arts Department member in 1997.

My master's degree is in literature, earned at Louisiana State University. Although I grew up in Southern California, I spent several years in Louisiana (high school and college), mostly sticking around for the music and food. Before becoming a full-time instructor, I worked as a sports journalist in Texas, a handyman in Maine, and a copy editor in Rancho Cucamonga. (Yes, teaching at a community college is much better than all those things.)

When I teach a class in the honors transfer program, I automatically know it will be my 'fun' class for that semester. Of course, I expect more work in that class from myself and the students, but our work is more involving and (hopefully) more mind-stretching than what I expect from my other courses. In my honors-level classes, students work together as a community, and I often solicit student input to determine the direction of our semester's goals.

revised July 6, 2023

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