Accordion Content
  • Every student has the potential and responsibility to succeed.
  • Completion matters and every student counts.
  • In an institutional culture that emphasizes student success.
  • Community college allows individuals to grow as far as their talents will allow.
  • Reaching out to students in need by encouraging, nurturing, and guiding them toward college completion.
  • Serving as role models by attending classes, being prepared, and participating in and engaging in discussions with professors and students inside and outside of class.
  • Discussing career-planning with professors and staff to ensure timely completion.
  • Learning about and using college support services.
  • Every trustee, employee, and student organization to help the student body understand the great value of obtaining degrees and certifications.
  • Our college to encourage the faculty and staff to create meaningful ways of supporting students in scholarly endeavors, social engagement, and career planning efforts.
  • The community as a whole to work with us towards our pursuit of college completion.
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