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COUN 103 - Social Media for Job and Internship Search
CRN 23594
You will learn how to effectively use social media to search for jobs and internships; communicate your strengths, talents and skills to employers; develop your personal brand; create a LinkedIn profile. For more information please contact Natalie Desimone at

COUN 206 - Pathways to STEM
CRN 23678
Class meets on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 11:05 a.m. in the Student Services (SS) Building, first floor (SS165)
You will gain more insight into STEM, including the STEM transfer process, time management, growth mindset, study skills, career options, and guest speakers. For more information, please contact Raquel Gutierrez at


COUN 101 - Career Self-Assessment
CRN 22911 : Online from 9/23-10/19
CRN 23625 : Online from 10/21-11/15
CRN 23626 : Online from 11/18-12/14
You will learn to appraise their self-esteem, values, skills and personality, and understand the implication of these factors in the selection of a vocational/educational goal.

COUN 103 - Social Media for Job/Internship Search
CRN 23594 : Online from 8/23-10/19
This course will educate students on how to use social media platforms (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and blogging) effectively in a job or internship search.

COUN 110 - Introduction to Online Learning
CRN 23627 : Online from 10/21-12/14
Designed to assist future or current students interested in taking online classes. Students in this course will learn concepts, tools, and techniques for online learning. Self-motivation theories will be examined. Through self-assessment, online interaction, and exploration of online learning strategies, students will develop an understanding of the skills needed to be successful when engaging in online instruction.

COUN 145 - Career/Life Planning
CRN 21265 : Online from 08/23-12/14
CRN 23659 : Online from 08/23-12/14
CRN 23199 : Online from 08/23-12/14
CRN 23208 : Online from 08/23-10/19
CRN 21180 : Online from 10/21-12/14
CRN 22729 : Online from 10/21-12/14
CRN 22918 : Online from 10/21-12/14
CRN 23200 : Online from 10/21-12/14
Through personal exploration, occupational research and the study of contemporary work issues, students will increase their understanding of the relationship of the individual to the economic community and develop individual career plans.

COUN 156 - College Planning Today for Tomorrow
CRN 23651 : Traditional from 08/23-10/19
CRN 23652 : Traditional from 10/21-12/14
A course in helping students transition to college life. Students will receive practical information about college services, effective study habits, and individual educational planning. Emphasis is on college and career decisions as catalysts for growth.

COUN 158 - Transfer Planning
CRN 22526 : Online from 08/23-10/19
CRN 23649 : Online from 10/21-12/24
This course provides in-depth information and assistance with the transfer process to four-year colleges/universities. It is designed to enable students to actively participate in planning their educational and career goals by providing information about the process and requirements for transferring from a community college to a university. Lower division major and general education requirements, college/university selection, admission procedures, application deadlines, financial aid and scholarship information are covered.

COUN 159 - On Course to Success
CRN 20738 : Traditional from 08/23-12/14
The subject of this course is SUCCESS... what success is for you personally and how you can achieve it. Students will learn many proven strategies for creating greater academic, professional, and personal success. Guided journal writings will be used to explore these strategies, and as a bonus, students will learn to express themselves more effectively in writing. This course will help students discover how to create a rich, personally fulfilling life. Students are urged to make the most of this course in order to dramatically change the outcome of their lives for the better.

COUN 160 - Strategies for College Success
CRN 21727 : Traditional from 08/23-12/14
CRN 20746 : Online from 08/23-12/14
CRN 22734 : Online from 10/21-12/14
Designed to give students the opportunity to create and change their habits and vision in order to have a rich, full, and rewarding scholastic life through adoption of positive attitude and critical thinking techniques. The course integrates the intellectual, physiological, social, and psychological aspects of being a college student. Learning strategies will be introduced that can be immediately and continuously applied so that students leave the course with confidence, enthusiasm, and a passion to succeed.

COUN 161 - Higher Education Transitional Skills for Student Veterans/Families
CRN 23198 : Traditional from 08/23-12/14
Designed to assist veterans in reintegrating to civilian life using physiological, social and psychological aspects of being a student. This course is also designed to give the veteran student the opportunity to create and change their habits and vision in order to have a rich, full, and rewarding scholastic life through adoption of positive attitude and critical thinking techniques. The course will introduce strategies to increase self-awareness, build confidence, develop leadership and gain informational tools to help achieve successful habits and implement study skills addressing the student veteran's needs. It will provide an essential opportunity to acquire skills applicable to the student's academic program, family life, and employability which will support transition.

COUN 201 - Course Planning with Degree Works
CRN 22919 : Online from 10/21-12/14
This course is designed to introduce students to a successful college and transfer experience. Students will develop a comprehensive Student Educational Plan (SEP) based on individual educational goals and discuss strategies for selecting a major. Degree Works will be utilized to create the comprehensive plan. Students will learn about Degree Works, an online web-based degree-auditing and tracking tool, which enables students to evaluate their academic progress towards completion of the CSUGE, IGETC, Associates Degrees, Certificates or Skill Awards.

COUN 206 - Pathways to STEM
CRN 23678 : Traditional from 08/23-12/14
This is an introduction to college course dedicated to presenting tips and techniques that will help increase and maximize performance in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) courses. This course will also expose students to various STEM subjects and careers and will delve into the transfer process.

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