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View your registration appointment
Classes fill up quickly, so it is important that students register on their registration appointment date or as soon as possible thereafter. View your registration appointment date on the my.citruscollege.edu portal. Appointments for summer and fall are available in mid-April, and appointments for winter and spring are available in mid-October.

Register for your classes
On your registration date, visit register or add/drop classes. Registration for summer and fall begins in mid-May and registration for winter and spring beings in mid-November.

Pay for classes or apply for financial aid
Be prepared to pay for your classes when you register to avoid being dropped for non-payment. Drop for non-payment deadlines vary by term. Pay close attention to when fees post. For spring semester, fees do not post until January. For fall semester, fees do not post until July. If you register prior to the fee posting day, you will need to go back once fees post to make a payment and avoid being dropped. If you are applying for financial aid, make sure your financial aid is processed by the financial aid office before the next scheduled drop for non-payment date. The online FAFSA application takes approximately two weeks to process.

Obtain a GoPass sticker and purchase a parking permit
Students who are currently enrolled in at least one credit unit qualify for a Go Pass (electronic sticker) offering unlimited rides on Foothill Transit, LA Metro bus and rail, Big Blue Bus, and other certain city area busses.
For those students wishing to park on campus, you must obtain a parking permit.

Attend your classes
If you enroll in a class and miss the first meeting, the instructor may give your place to a waiting student.

Review drop deadlines
If you need to drop a class, it is your responsibility to drop your class online, not the instructor's. Pay close attention to various deadlines, such as the last day to drop with a refund, the last day to drop with no record and the last day to drop with a "W," which will appear on your academic transcript. Drop/withdrawal deadlines vary by class.

Complete a comprehensive SEP
Make sure you declare the current program/major you are pursuing. You can update your major online.
Make an appointment with the Counseling and Advisement Center to complete a comprehensive SEP (multi-semester plan) after completing 15-degree applicable units or prior to the end of the third semester.

Monitor your academic progress
Degree Works is a free degree audit program and an educational planning tool designed to help students understand the degree requirements for their course of study/major.

Use campus resources
Citrus College has many programs open to all students, such as: the Writing Center, prividing writing assistance; the STEM Center, which provides student tutoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and the Hayden Memorial Library, offering students with the use of study rooms. Support programs include EOPS and STEM TRiO that offers tutoring and textbook resources for qualified students. Review the programs and services directory to make sure you do not miss out on the many opportunities available to you.

Get involved on campus
Engaging in student activities can be a rewarding component of your education. Citrus College offers a variety of opportunities for you to become involved with student life and create a sense of campus community. Get to know your fellow Owls and join an organization, club, performing arts group or competitive athletics team. Visit the website for information about student activities, campus clubs and student government, as well as to learn about upcoming events.

Get a job on campus
Citrus College offers a variety of opportunities for part-time student employment. On-campus employment provides a practical way for students to earn income, gain valuable work experience and learn time management skills.

Follow Citrus College on social media
The college's online presence is available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition to the official Citrus College accounts, some programs, such as visual arts and performing arts and the Hayden Memorial Library, have their own social media accounts also providing valuable information.

Apply for graduation
Graduating students must file a graduation application with the admissions and records office to receive a degree, certificate and/or skill award. Before you submit your graduation application, you are encouraged to meet with a counselor once a year to ensure you are on track to graduate and monitor progress toward completion.

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