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Many students do well in an online environment. However, taking an online course requires adequate internet access, basic computer skills and time management. California's Online Education Initiative (OEI) provides videos and tutorials to assess preparedness to take an online or hybrid course. For more information, visit the OEI Online Learner Readiness website.

Several tutorials are developed by OEI and posted through 3C Media Solutions. Tutorial topics include: introduction to online learning; getting tech ready; organizing for online success; and online study skills and managing time.

Students will gain an understanding of the necessary planning that is needed to succeed when taking online and hybrid courses. Here are general guidelines to success:

  • Contact your instructor (email, phone or in person) a few days before the class begins to determine if there are on-campus requirements or assignments to be aware of for the first two weeks.

  • Create a time-management schedule for each week of the semester. Plan to take/submit exams, quizzes and papers at the beginning of the due-date window – do not wait until the last hour of the window as technical difficulties may be experienced when submitting assignments.

  • Plan to spend the same amount of time working on your online course as you would for a face-to-face class.

  • Have access to a laptop or desktop computer, especially when submitting exams, quizzes, papers or large projects. Do not submit these items on your phone. There are desktop computers that you can use on campus if you do not have access.

  • Alert your instructor right away if you are having technical difficulties, or if you are having a hard time following the "course routine" or weekly requirements for the course.

  • How to Contact Canvas Support​

  • Review the Canvas Student Guide.

  • Contact the Citrus College Help Desk if you have log-in or account issues. They are available during normal business hours by calling (626) 857-4100.

For a good selection of assistive reference, check out Student Resources for Online Learning.

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